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Indian Banarasi Brocade Fabric in Blue Color, Multiple Length will come in the continuous Piece - NF161

Indian Banarasi Brocade Fabric in Blue Color, Multiple Length will come in the continuous Piece - NF161

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****** Multiple Length will come in the continuous Piece ******

-------HOW TO ORDER:------

1) For more than 1 yard/ meter of fabric please increase the quantity of the fabric from the "QUANTITY" dropdown menu.

3) From the Quantity button Choose - 1, 2, 3. etc ( length of fabric as per your requirement.)

You will receive One continuous piece only and not in Cuts.


(For bulk quantity please contact me )

Please note that there may be some color variation between the photograph and the actual fabric due to lighting during photography.

Indian brocade fabric Red color with Floral pattern, dress fabric, fancy fabric, Indian silk, brocade fabric by yard, wedding fabric. The fabric is rich and luxurious.


Can be used to make dresses, skirts, gowns, lehengas, accessories or home accents etc.

Fabric Type: Blended Brocade
Width: 44 inches
Weight: 92 gms/ Yard

Initially, dry washes are suggested to maintain the richness and brightness of the fabric, after which gentle hand washes can sustain the beauty and longevity of the fabric.


Banarasi brocades are one of the finest fabrics that India has to offer. It is a specialty of Varanasi, formerly known as Banaras, from which the fabric derives its name. Throughout history, brocade was a fabric of luxury worn by nobility in various cultures, from India to Korea. Brocade is a heavy fabric similar to jacquard with a raised pattern or floral design. Traditionally the pattern was produced with gold or silver thread said to be of such superb quality that they could be woven into fabric of gold and silver. There is evidence of different textured brocades since the Rig Vedic period c. 1750-500 BCE, including fabric of gold known as Hiranya Vastra. Silkora, a mixture of silk and cotton, is a modern textile innovation of Banarasi brocade.

In regular weaving, the weft thread passes over the warp thread. The weft is the transverse thread, and the warp thread extends through the length of the fabric. In brocade weaving, extra weft threads of different colored silk or metallic threads, better known as zari, are woven into the base fabric to form a pattern. The use of zari is not only traditional in Banarasi brocade but also in the embroidery art of Zardosi.

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